<![CDATA[DTM DreamWorks  - Blog & Life]]>Mon, 26 Mar 2018 04:24:55 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[November, December and into the New Year - ]]>Sat, 12 Nov 2016 10:11:16 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/november-december-and-into-the-new-yearIt's been a while since I have had a chance to post. I've been extremely busy and in truth DTM DreamWorks has been incredibly dormant with few up dates. DTM DreamWorks is acting expanding and growing presently and we've created some sub-divisions that handle some specific areas. One of the challenges is in determining how and where we want to focus our research and development regarding vehicle platforms. The motorsport and commercial motorsport markets have changed radically and with that we're going to have to evolve and shift from beloved platforms of the past. There are some platforms that do not need development and we will not work in or on those markets as they are deemed saturated.

​Currently, there is research and development on Ford Products. Such as the Mustang ECO-BOOST and GT, SHELBY GT350 family vehicles. Currently there is only discussion about ideas for the V6 platform. We're currently deciding on if we will get involved with Focus and Fiesta platforms. The primary focus is the GT platform, I've been very positive about what Ford has done with the current S550 platform. I am very eager to see what results can be made. There currently have been individual throttle and management and full length exhaust system experiments and the that of forced induction to which will be announced as it enters further stages of development.

The Camaro has been discussed as well. I personally, have been eager to see the new Alfa-Romeo, though we're somewhat disappointed by rumor or news that the six speed manual may not be offered in the U.S. market which may dissuade us from development. I have had some requests from Mazda customers who are interested to know if there will be support for future Mazda platforms. The answer is (possibly.) There has been a lot of concern about the new RC's high prospective price tag and underwhelming engine. One of the questions becomes a matter of if there is a proper consumer base.

​M -

<![CDATA[Happy Belated New Year and Up Dates, Discussions and More.]]>Sat, 21 Feb 2015 15:26:52 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/happy-belated-new-year-and-up-dates-discussions-and-moreFirstly I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. I would to convey that here at DTM Dreamworks I have been busy on other projects and there has been very little to no time at all for ( Web Media ) as other projects have consumed
huge amounts of my personal time. I know a lot of other firms are out there heavily representing and marketing. However
here at DTM Dreamworks we don't do things that way. 

TOPICS : Currently I am very interested in the new Mustang GT, I am not even opposed to the ECO Boost Models.
However the present Mustang GT after test driving it gives me a very positive impression of what is to come via 2016
Ford GT350/R and the new Ford GT. All I can say is that Ford is back. From driving the basic Ford Mustang GT I can
say there is a lot of room and the chassis felt very good. I was not disappointed. I think from a price point Ford as done a great job and is listening. I am actually not all too-too disappointed by the Ford GT debuting as a V6 3.5L twin turbo. 
Frankly it is very interesting. I am very much so on board as far as the exterior styling and interior styling is concerned. 

I will even go as far as to say that Ford as done a very good job at making a very complete model range. I think the Ford Explorer, Fusion, are fantastic. I think the present Edge is not bad. I think it had some bugs in the early inception however it has evolved and become a good platform. The Explorer Sport is hands down from a price point, styling point, and performance point not disappointing. The Fusion is actually a very nice looking car in specific colors and I like the interior all around. I do kinda wish they offered a manual six speed and in AWD. I think Ford would have a real threat on hand to the competition if so. 


<![CDATA[Up date]]>Mon, 25 Jun 2012 20:38:00 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/up-dateHey Hey everyone! It has indeed been a while since I have written here on the DTM Dreamworks Life and Blog. I have been focused on a lot of other things. To be honest not so much the forum, mostly as this takes away from anything hands on.

I recently departed from the South to handle some stuff up here in the North of California. Thou, I made a minor trip down South. Thou, I am back up North. It will only be until the 1st or 2nd of July.

Present projects I have been working on are some personal Motorcycle
projects. I've recently have had a lot of interest in Two Stroke machines.
I find them very interesting and somewhat the path lesser explored, where four stroke technology has exceeded that of two stroke, I find it
interesting to dottle or tinker with two strokes.

The Suzuki GT750, Kawasaki Triple, Yamaha TZ have been all a lot of fun. I also have been considering maybe entering in a Historic Race event on the Yamaha.

The Ducati was " not a two stroke mind you " came together well and was dismantled for the time being. I felt I could do better and when things were together I felt color and some details clashed. Not in a bad way, beyond acceptable actually. But that was not the point of this machine.

<![CDATA[Personal Free Time and the Hobbyist]]>Mon, 12 Mar 2012 03:48:39 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/personal-free-time-and-the-hobbyistCurrently I have been enjoying some free time. I know, I know who does not enjoy free time? Presently I have been working on some personal past time projects.

I have been working on two engines YAMAHA RD350 two
stroke engines. Which is to say not beyond me, but also
not my normal cup of tea. Furthermore I have decided to
spend a little bit of time working on two seporate motorrs,
one being Carburetted and the other Fuel Injected.

This is a little interesting and fun as it involves me designing
software and hardware to control parameters that are specific to only two strokes. For me I am not trying to re-invent or create a new engine, but rather expand on already existing base architecture of the Yamaha Two Stroke two Cylinder.

The real downsite of the carburettor is that it lacks the ability
to control multi point parameters. However, there are aspects of the Two Stroke that seem to desire a Carburettor over a
Fuel injection based system.

Furthermore I thought about a SuperCharged two stroke.
However, will start with NA's first and werk our way thru
the kinks and see how it all goes.
<![CDATA[Happy New Year! 2012]]>Thu, 05 Jan 2012 06:57:00 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/happy-new-year-2012Welcome to 2012 everyone,

I was away on vacation for a few months, about three or so to be exact, and honestly I feel very charged and ready for the new year, amongest other things ready to honestly get myself back into gear and start working again!

Over the years I have found that in reality, I do prefer working.
( laughs ) however with all of that said, I surely did enjoy visiting and spending some of my time doing ( average joe ) activities, that in which I normally am un able to do when working upon a multitude of projects.

For myself, towards the end of the year I was indeed exhausted and glad to see it all coming to an end. With a lot of economic concerns internationally and here at home in the United States amongest other things here locally in California.

Thou, I am technically back to work. I will be working shorter hours to enable myself to have free time to complete a few personal projects, those being motorcycles and newest developements for my RA21 Celica.

That and playing catch up, thou thankfully things have not become too bad.

My view of 2011 in the end is that, I think I missed home to some extent, not to mention being exhausted with odd hours and a lot of meetings for this and that for bigger future areas of interest.

However, I often have come to find that in life the grass is often greener on the otherside, and that it is infact not so much people but places I miss, as people change and therefore are no longer the same people we once knew, as few I know have stayed the same indlucing myself! Thou, home is both where your heart is and where you decide to make it.
Best and Happy Motoring for 2012!
How crazy is it that we're here in 2012, the future is ours
so let's make something of it!

<![CDATA[Happy early 4th of July - Freedom ring! ]]>Fri, 01 Jul 2011 18:58:55 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/happy-early-4th-of-july-freedom-ringHey everyone, it's been a while. My apologies for not up dating sooner. As usual I have been tied up with various projects including my own training.

On the subjects of some personal projects such as the RA21 I have nearly completed all the items required for the vehicles complete resteration. The Dash as expected has proved to be the most difficult to come by. Especially being a US domestic item. JDM does not help, laughs!

The existing 18RG will be removed, in favor for a superior 
18RG simply a fresh slightly improved factory variant while the car is being restored, chassis, re enforcement, suspension, trims and seals etc, paint! The process should be hopefully completed by the end of Summer. Or so my that is my target time frame. 

Other projects, I decided to make only one to two possibly three Evolution VER II aero packages. The concept is pretty interesting, we're taking our last aero package, and blending as many aspects of 911 hearitage as possible. The package is intended only for Post 74' thru the 964 / turbo variants. I have been thinking doing something for the 993's, but probably will focus on the 996, 997. 

As for the Ducati project things are moving along. The frame is painted and bit by bit put together. These projects do consume much time that is outside caricular activity from firm operations. 

Presently I am taking a few days off and do plan to enjoy myself this 4th of July weekend. In the past week I met up with client / friend along with friend Sawada San. Takahashi and I met up and discussed an up grade and a few other up grades for the future. He probably owns one of the cleanest examples of 80s Porsche power the market has to offer. Takahashi himself is well versed and he himself is an FAA certififed aviation mechanic, and also friends with another 930 / turbo owner from Japan " Akihiro. "   

Until next time : M. Shahpouri -
<![CDATA[Disaster in Japan & Up Dates for Spring / Summer]]>Wed, 06 Apr 2011 17:33:18 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/disaster-in-japan-up-dates-for-spring-summerI have not updated my blog recently, mostly because I have been dealing with the obvious problems in Japan. It's difficult to write about Japan, I would like people to consider before purchusing tuning items to consider donating to the people of Japan. The Redcross is a good start, and those of you who have Welsfargo or Paypal can donate via ATM or Paypal.

It's very hard for me as a individual to even think about engineering, tuning, or developement when friends, family and so on are suffering overseas, not to mention the issues in Lybia and Yemen and so on. All of which are important.
I have been in communication with family and friends in Japan and it's been difficult and frankly put very hard to gauge. My feeling is that Japan and the people of Japan are very strong, however this will be a very difficult recovery for the Japanese people and Japan.

Considering that lives were lost, I almost feel little regarding my own loss. My apartment was slightly damaged, and I was lucky that I had left Japan when I did. Considering I almost stayed longer. More-over my ST205wrc was crushed due to a parking structure that imploded due to a capsizing tree.

Here in California, things are pretty good considering. I am in the middle of restoring my 1974 TOYOTA Celica at present. For those of you who don't already know, I collect these cars. Amongest other machines as well. Including motorcycles.
The RA21 is a fantastic and fun machine with a great story behind it.

In about a month or so I plan to have the engine completed and paint and any major restoration completed. These projects do take time. If done quick and dirty, you get broken and on the side of the road somewhere along the Golden Coast of California. If done right you get that magic motor sound that the Golden age of speed produced. You know the one that we know and love oh so much. Presently I am not set on a single color. But as things come together I'll up date.


<![CDATA[Getting ready for Spring and Summer]]>Wed, 09 Feb 2011 03:32:37 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/getting-ready-for-spring-and-summerRecently I have had a lot going on. Very little time to up date and or even write. I keep working on the newest version of our website. But I have not launched because I am tied up in meetings. It really sucks a lot to be honest.

However I am really looking foward to the Spring and Summer especially since I will be gone from April, May, June and half of July. I'll be back in Japan. Presently we are holding developements public works customers in Sweden at the moment. However I may go ahead and give the green light on public works in Sweden.
I have been meaning to each month ( laughs ) and with their permission introduce clients / prospective young drivers.

One such driver is Derrick Fonsecca, his name reminds me a little bit of Laguna-Secca. " laughs " the kid is supremely bright and sharp. A quick learner and no ego.

He has a deep passion for his cars and he had to make a heart shattering decision to let his Celica-Supra P-Type go in favor of something that simply required less restoration and that he could double duty with. He recently picked up a Honda Civic EX.

I'll up date this entery in about a day or so.
Until then!


M -

<![CDATA[Back from Japan updates]]>Sat, 22 Jan 2011 20:30:37 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/back-from-japan-updates
Hey everyone, sorry for the late up date.
I had a little bit of internet trouble when I was out in Japan.

Presently I am back for only a month and a half.
Only to complete some simple projects and then continue on with clients back in Japan.

It's pretty pathedic that I return home to the US and once again I am faced with large sums of termoil and drama brought upon by US clients.

One of the things that is so dissapointing is that people don't seem to have any social moral ethnic values, I suppose they never did or have seldom implimented them in their own lives.

Food for thought -

Although not is all bad!

In this trip I met a very interesting young and very personable gentlemen by the name of " Stan. " Most amusingly he and I by some sort of stroke of luck, Kismet or Fate and Destiny had been seated next to one another.

Thru the course of our flight we ended up talking, " Stan " is infact a Honda and S2000 specialist from California and is native to the LA, OC area. 

He himself was visiting Japan for the first time on behalf of his own firm. He infact should be as I write this nearing or preping his S2000 for a time attack coming soon! I'll post his firms URL once I have it on hand. We had a verity of interesting discussions both about Automotive world and economics and trials and trival daunting tasks of establishing a firm and then haha earning a living, also our feelings and likes and dislikes. It made the flight truly pleasent. 

Once I had arrived in Japan, I was honestly a little lagged.
I kind of was not sure if I was being picked up or streight up departing directly to the Tokyu Excel Hotel in Narita.

( laughs ) In come to think about it, what getting on 10 years now I have maybe all but a few times taken the train from Narita to another preficture. ( Priceless ) as for the last several years my departures were land, arrive and transfer to Haneda where I would end up in Hokkaido. Kushiro or Sapporo rather.

I then was stopped by security who had wounderd why I was confused. I found it all a bit amusing. Security and common sense in Japan are not exactly their strong point. The white /cacasian American guy is hardly high on the geographical threat list.

I infact ended up asking directions and oddly they un-intentionally gave me miss guided information haha as to which shuttle I required to get to my desired Hotel. Eventually I figured it all out, and upon my arrival to the Tokyu Hotel was quite pleased and relaxed. I was into bed and off to sleep, but only after a pleasent easy going glass of 18 year old Scotch, which then become 21 year old Scotch.

Scotch is not exactly my drink of choice, and a German would never drink it by choice. Daddy ain't German, Momma is. ( laughs aloud ) so I decided to adopt Scotch as my travelers drink of choice, it's taken me time and I have to drink the finest or nothing at all thank you very much.

I stayed three nights and then departed to Chiba. I really needed a bit of time to settle in. But once I was there I met up with a client and friend. ( Note, It is absolutly rare for me to consider a client also a friend. Usually you are one or the other. )

I arranged time to meet up, and amusingly enough I had caught up with the rest of the 911 club that run's on the C1. Which was nice. The 911's ranged from modest power to extremely tuned. My customers is presently under-going a transformation. M5's are no issue for him. The first night we just discussed and talked and I took many notes and studied area's he had experinced uncomfortable behavior via his 930. ( The 930's name is Bigu-Aka ) Also known as Big Red.

I normally do not like or condone taking or posting pictures of clients or their machinary with out persmission, simply because so many people rip and steal images and bite off the Japanese. I don't believe in abusing privilges or technology. I hate it all to hell when someone posts my picture and copies my style or modifications and or work. So I attempt to play and conduct myself to a higher level and standard.

If I am granted permission you bet i'll post more.

I'll do a second entery with regards to Bigu Aka and other customers.

Anyways, I spent a significant amount of time in Shibuya, I was able also to meet with a verity of higher ups at different Japanese Automakers which was rather interesting.

As well prior to my trip I met with a very interesting frined who lead Toyota to many world championships and as well one Porsche team that held a Werks Status via the factory! I will post more but presently I am short on time.

The images are ( Shibuya by Hachiko Statue and Tsutaya, fallowed by the

<![CDATA[Japan 2010 thru 2011 and the C1]]>Sun, 02 Jan 2011 09:47:39 GMThttp://dtmdreamworks.net/blog--life/japan-2010-thru-2011-and-the-c1Hey everyone, it has been a while. My apologies for not writing here. I have been very busy. I am in Japan and have been since early December and will not return to California, I will return on January 19th.

Here in Japan the weather has been rather cold, although I feel that January will be far colder then December. In addition the snow this year in Hokkaido has been massive. Presently I am in Chiba and have been between Yokohama, Tokyo and Chiba and on ocasion Saitama.

Christmas was relaxing not very elaborate and or exotic. Although there was some very spectacular and beautiful events for both Christmas and the Newyear.

Other notable moments was testing on the C1 pausing at about 200kph to see the Tokyo tower for a breif moment then it was back off out of sight on to the C1 testing.

One reason why I personally enjoy working in Japan with Japanese over sometimes American or European clients is the respect and attitude of most of my clients. They are always eager and ready to complete the project and there is no debate or issue or hastle.

One of my favorite clients and friends is ( Bigu-Aka ) a Red Porsche 911 turbo. The owner is a great all around guy and passionate about his machine. 

I know many of you wish to see more pictures, however it is socially un acceptable to suddenly walk up to someone and take their picture with out persmission. It is a bad habit in America and amongest American under the age of 25. Often high in attitude and overly self appricating. 

On the 19th of December at a parking area ( located ) somewhere on the C1. And I refuse to disclose the name of or exact location out of respect for my friends and kin alike. 

During the 19th a group meeting of some of my clients was held and we had met up and discussed projects and events and simply caught up. Some of my clients waited about 8 months to see me. 

The law enforcement usually arrives around 12 midnight as this is the time where parking structures close. The vehicles on hand were a slew of 911's in a verity of states of tune, the range was anything from 600HP to 240HP. The style and ideology is very different between the US market and DTM and Japanese market.

Along with many miss-conceptions both between US, DTM and Japanese markets. Most often it is the over excited over impressionable young American who thinks that everyone in Japan loves cars and is drifting or blasting along the Wangan.

Far from the truth, and it is often the over-egotistical european who under-estimates the American market. The Japanese have a miss-represented image of the US in many ways too. Sometimes it is difficult for them to grasp the magnitude of our market.

Later into the week post christmas we had met up again for further testing of Bigu-Aka. Testing was the focus and collecting data to refine the vehicles suspension, aeros, power etc was my focus not battling.

You probably are all more interested in what sorts of vehicles were around and on hand. 

A lot of S2000's were out and about, along with a few BMW's.
Such being a Z3 M coupe and e36 M3. Ofcourse a FC3s and FD3s were quite popular. A few R35's were around but these in visual form were rather stock looking. However ECM tuning and or more is possible. Amusingly the Audi TT was rather popular, and a few Honda Civics and Integra DC2 & 5. 

Ofcourse the common suspects, a Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer mostly older generations Pre Evo 8 were around. Also many Subaru's were around. The Mercedes is still a popular choice, due to the large displacement engine and rapid accel potential, ofcourse being able to suddenly accel is popular for Japan, not going to save you against somethign with legs back home in the US. 

The most lame duck of the bunch was the S1 Lamborghini diablo, the owner was totally about fashion and no go. Same with the horrific shade of green I had seen in Shibuya.  

I'll post some pictures once I get a chance.

cheers and happy newyear